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Tour Type: Archeological, Trekking Duration: 1 Day Time: 8 AM Difficulty: Moderate
Season: From January to December Closed: Never Considerations: Please remember comfortable shoes and water


Waqrapukara is a Peruvian archaeological site located in the district of Acos, province of Acomayo, department of Cusco. It is located over Apurímac Canyon at 4,300 m.a.s.l .. ( 14′ 300 ft ) It was built by the Qanchis and later conquered by the people of Inca civilization , a great place to be in touch with nature and Inca gods , wonderful place , whimsically builded over beautiful mountains , with great view to the sky , star, cosmos and milky way.

Waqrapukara comes from the Quechua voices: Waqra which means “horn” and Pukara which means “Fortress”, we can then deduce that Waqrapukara means “Fortress with horns “ for sure the place was to worship upper world gods , but there is an observation to this interpretation by the inhabitants of the place ” for
local people Waqrapukara are ears of a llama” claiming that it is always alert to what is happening around it, therefore, they call it “Llamapukara” (fortress of Llama )

The curves in the carved stone terraces seem to hold the wonderful Waqrapukara , which resembles a double-peaked crown. In the middle of it, there is a natural cave with Inca intervention and a small window that overlooks the abyss, which also allows a magnificent view of the night sky, populated with constellations, planets and stars of enormous value in the Inca worldview.

Waqrapukara is oriented to east and west directions where father sun appears and disappears , place to worship upper world gods like moon , sun , star, and different Andean people constellations.

Waqrapukara ,It is at the top of a huge ravine covered with forests that crown the abysses that overlook the Apurímac canyon, the archaeological monument is surrounded by beautiful mountains,
Impressive platforms, squares and a forest of stones that resemble thrones, with mythological giants contemplating the mountain landscape.

You can do the tour to Waqrapukara through a walk that lasts about 2-3 hour one way , whose difficulty is medium, it is not difficult and the effort will always be worth it when you get to observe the incredible architectural beauty of Waqrapukara .

Waqrapukara , It was considered Cultural Heritage of the Nation in 2017, we can affirm that Waqrapukara has nothing to envy the best destinations for cultural, adventure and high mountain tourism.


Daily departures from January to December. Minimum 1-2 passengers at the time of departure (actually we are ok if you are one or two people we can leave any day which fine for you plans.

Payment details:

To confirm your trip, pay 50% by bank deposit  and Pay the other 50% in your arrival to Cusco in our office before or after finish the tour, payment can be made in cash us $ or s/ local currency (Peruvian money) thanks.

Reservation details:

All trek reservations must be made at least four days advance (however 15 days 1 month in advance is recommended especially during the months of June – July – august.

Welcome to wonderful Waqrapukara  historical site of  Cusco .


Pick up from your hotel ….? 3- 4.00am , trip by car from Cusco – Sangarara town by asphalt road, and then keep our journey by dirt road , up to Sangarara mountain , fished our trip by car , ( the trip by car from Cusco will take us around 3 Hours crossing small villages) , we will start our hike following ancient Inca trail , on the way will appreciate Andean people, at traditional outfits, will do stops for picture taking of South American Camels like Alpacas , Vicuñas ,Llamas ,height land birds , small lakes like mirrors , before arrive to the first view of Waqrapukara. The hike from from Car station to the historical site of Waqrapukara are around 2-3 hours one way 4-5 hours round trip , ours visit in the historical site of Waqrapukara are around 1 hours and then return to Cusco arriving 5-6 pm.

Tour Included

  • Pick up from your hotel in the mornig.
  • Transportation.
  • English speaking professional guide .

Tour Not Included

  • Breakfast.

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