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Tour Type: Fly Fishing Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights Time: 8 AM - 6 PM Difficulty: Moderate
Season: All Year Closed: Never Considerations: Please remember comfortable shoes and water

Fly Fishing Perú – Cusco, Sacred Valley – Fly Fishing Tours – Puno, Cusco

“Fly fishing for rainbow trout – fly fishing for salmon trout – fly fishing for silver trout – fly fishing for brown trout , fly fishing for king fish.”

For the Fly Fishing , you can bring your own casting spinning or fly fishing tackle is suggested to cast from the river shore. (If not will Provide one to you).
Peru provides many different places to do Fly Fishing in the Andes, we especially recommend you the different lake on the mountains of Cusco, for Fly fishing , and rivers in the South valley of Cusco for fly Fishing.
Sacred valley will be another wonderful places for Fly fishing – Urubamba, Villcanota, Lares rivers, to fish the popular wild rainbow and brown trout, the lake on the mountains of Cusco are great and wonderful places to do fly fishing to catch king fish (Pejerrey), Rainbow and brown trout on the north west and south of Cusco region.
You and I will see doing Fly Fishing, how the typical life of People is located in the back ground of the Andes in Perú, will be perfect combined, this experience.
Rainbow trout fly fishing, Brown trout fly Fishing, King fish fly fishing, are the new sport, not Discovered, by many people in Peru .
The sacred valley River located northwest (Urubamba), some lakes on the south and north of Cusco city offer us a perfect scenery for practice sport fishing, in this case fly fishing, with nice pools, good volume of clean and clear water and good quality and quantity of food for the fish.
The lagoons with high Volume of water, the high volume of water in the rivers makes a good fishing, nice spots, with waterfalls between then are perfect for fly fishing, This area has the unique fresh water in the world ,and there you will find hundreds of regular and bigger size fish.
lakes and lagoons that are out of the rivers, normally these lakes are located, over up to 12,000 (ft a.s.l.)

  • The Fly fishing At Urubamba River, Villcanota River, Lares River and others… and The cold water in these rivers offer us the wild rainbow trout.
  • The Fly fishing in the Andes mountain lakes with nice cold water offer us, rainbow trout , brown trout and king fish ( Pejerrey)
  • The fly Fishing sport need to be practice with conventional or fly fishing tackle ,use by people at lakes and rivers of Canada, in the lakes and rivers united stated . ( Montana, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Oregon, Alaska Idaho, Colorado).
  • For fly fisherman, rods numbers 5/6 7/8 are recommended with nymphs and wet,  dry fly.
  • Fishing season in the lakes : January , February, March April, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

The fishing season in the rivers :

  • Starts by march and end early December the better months are march – April – June – July – August – September – October November and December.
  • Climate: dry and sunny climate all year round with round with rainy season from last days of December to mid of march. this rivers and its towns are very cool especially in the first quarter moon. the water temperature in winter and summer is closer to 40°.

Reservation details.

All fly fishing Tours, reservations must be made at least one week in advance is recommended always one month before.
Welcome to the best fly fishing tour of Peru, enjoy sport fishing with the best team, fly fishing tours with us will be great experience to Remember ever.

Day 1: Fly fishing Tour – at Urubamba River

From Cusco or Urubamba (Sacred valley) : we will leave from Cusco or the sacred valley (Urubamba- Ollantaytambo – Pisac ) if it hotel is at Cusco will leave, from your hotel very early in the morning,( 6-7-8 am) and then will travel in the private Car ,Taxi /minivan / 4×4, from Cusco (11,000ft ) in to the sacred Valley located around (8’000 -10’000 ft) the tour on the first day also on the second day take you in to the remote, very rarely, but nice different places with the spectacular back ground of the Urubamba range, or the Sacred valley mountains . with the peaks cover by snow .
The Trip From Cusco in to the sacred valley take around 1hour 40 min . The Trip From Sacred Valley take around 1hour .

The fly fishing spot are located between Ollantaytambo and Km 82 ( will do fly fishing around Piri – Tancac, Chillca, Piscacucho). In the end of the days around 2-3 pm Return Hotel. (Late Lunch al Ollantaytambo or Box Lunch).

Day 2: Fly fishing at lake – Qimsacocha and Azulcocha

From Cusco or Sacred Valley. Pick up from your hotel ….? in the Morning ( 6-7-8 am ).

We will travel in the private Car, Taxi /minivan / 4×4, from Cusco (11,000ft ). Up on the mountains of Pisac ( Potato park -Amaru – Paruparu over 12.000ft ) trip by car in one dirt road around 1hour 40 min, along the way will appreciate a wonderful countryside, beautiful farming villages, and potato farmer families, of course we have extra time and to take Picture of llamas alpacas too. Full day Fly fishing, walking around the lake, Lunch with farmer families near the lake. Full day fly fishing tour return Hotel around 4-5 pm.

Day 3: Fly Fishing at 4 Lakes (South Valley) Fly fishing at Pomacanchi – Mososqlaccta- Pampamarca

From Cusco or Sacred Valley . Pick up from your hotel ….? in the Morning (6-7-8 am).

we will travel in the private Car, Taxi /minivan / 4×4, from Cusco (11,000ft) Up on the high lands of south valley (Trip by car in one asphalt road 2h 20 min, along the way will appreciate beautiful landscape with eucalyptus forest, will see a lot sheep farming, small farming villages ,of course we have extra time to take Picture too. around these 4 lakes will appreciate many beautiful bird like flamingos and others, the first fly fishing lake will be Pomacanchi lake, the second lake for fly fishing will be ,Mososqllata lake and Finally Pampamarca lake. The first two lakes will catch (king fish) and the third lake Pampamarca lake will be to catch Rainbow and brown trout, Full day fly fishing tour. In the afternoon we will return to Cusco arrival in Cusco around 5-6 pm (Optional Box Lunch)

Day 4: Fly fishing at Apurimac River (South Valley)

From Cusco or Sacred valley Pick up from your hotel ….? in the Morning (6-7-8 am).

We will travel in the private Car, Taxi /minivan / 4×4, from Cusco (11,000ft to 12,400 ft ) Up on the high lands of south valley (Trip by car in one asphalt road 3hours, along the way will appreciate beautiful landscape with eucalyptus forest, will see a lot sheep farming, small farming villages, of course we have extra time to take Picture too. Along the road will go near 4 lakes, will cross lands with Little volcanic mountains, on the way the road will appreciate a lot llamas alpacas an reach Apurimac River, will stop to cross the ancient Inca bridge and do photos and then go in the base of the Apurimac River to start our fly fishing tour along the river, we will catch rainbow trout, the place is one great , very unique river, with clear and clean water in the winter season. Full day, fly fishing tour in the Apurimac river, return around 3-4 pm arrival in Cusco around 6-7 pm.

Day 5: Fly Fishing Tours at 4 Lake Titi Caca

From Puno or Tequile Island. Pick up from your Family home or hotel …? in the Morning (6-7-8 am.).

Trip by Boat in to the lake Titi Caca around 2 hours, First stop to Visit Uros floating island,To appreciate families living at floating island, meet and chat with the Families, share the traditions of people living on rid islands, and then trip by boat more farther in the deep part of the lake to start our fly fishing tour at lake Titi Caca, Fly Fishing in the lake are around 4-5 hours day tour return hotel 3-4 pm.
Fly Fishing Tour at lake Titicaca. Is mainly Rainbow Trout, Royal Trout, and King Fish (Pejerrey). Welcome to best fly fishing at Lake Titica .

Tour Included

  • Assistance in the whole trip all ground transfer.
  • One lunch midday. Also a good breack (box lunch).
  • Profecional guide (english).
  • Transportation by car to the hotel after finish our fishing tour.
  • Some times our guide meet the small group or our passengers from the airport that depend of the travellers.

Tour Not Included

  • break fast on the first day and the second day.
  • Tip for the guide.
  • personal equipament.

Recommendations. Rods: cañas

  • For this package you can bring your own casting spining or fly fishing tackle is suggested to cast from the river shore. Please take a moment to reed and concider some.
  • Our suggest is at least 2 spinning or castin rods 2 piece ligh action and one mediun action.
  • Reels: carreteles.

As the same of the rods at least two reels with a capacity for 120 yards of a 6 pound line similar like adaiwa bg 10 or penn 4200 ss.

Line: hilo

  • Monofilament lines of 4, 6 8 lbs stren and silver thread are highly recommended.

Lures: señuelos

  • All kind of spoons like mepps, aglia, xd, blue fox, phantera martin in dirent sizes from 1 to 4 and assorted colors. for like, rapalas tail dancer and flat fish x4 or y 4 in assorted colors.
  •  Fly fishing tackle

What you need to bring/carry:

  •  Small backpak.
  • Strong confortable foot wear (for the river).
  • One complete change of glothing.
  • hat or cap to protec you from the sun.
  • Sun block.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Toiletries towel and toilet paper.
  • Selection of small snacks (chocolate, dried fruit biscuits, energy bar like clif bar.
  • Short pants for fishing .shirts for fishing.
  • camara

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