Cusco Festival and Events

“CuscoTraditional Festivals and Events”

– El señor de los Temblores (Lord of the Earthquakes) : Late march / early april, a colorful procession held on the monday prior to easter, remembering the historic peruvian earthquake of 1650.

The city’s most poupular events are listed hear

– Crucix vigil – may 2nd and 3rd: Various religious events are held on all of the hillsides around the city.

– Cruz velacuy / fiesta de las cruces (festival of the crosses) : Early may, a catholic event where religious crosses are carried around the city and its nearby communities.

– Q’oyllor ritti : May / June, a traditional andean festival, taking place each year at the very base of the Ausangate.

 Corpus Christi : May / June, religious events and processions based at Cusco’s Cathedral, on the 9th thursday following easter.

– Qoyllor ritti’ i – Early june, an unusual traditional inca / christian event at the ausangate peak, some 80 km / 50 miles from cusco, where blocks of ice are carried for many miles and literally thousands of visitors enjoy the festivities.

– Inti raymi (festival of the sun): June 24th, without question the number one event in Cusco, celebrated by the whole city and featuring a re-enactment of Saqsaywaman’s inca winter solstice festival, street dancing and much pageantry, around the Koricancha temple and the Plaza de Armas.

– National independence days : July 28th and 29th, held in Cusco and throughout Perú.

– Virgin del Carmen : Mid-july, a festival of dance and music at the town of Paucartambo, some four hours from Cusco.

– Cusco touristic month : Throughout october, a festival with tourism in mind.

 Todos santos (all saints day) : November 1st, a religious event and national peruvian holiday.

– Dia de los muertos (all souls day):  November 2nd, a festive family celebration, being particularly lively around the sierra .

-Fiesta de la purisima concepción (feast of the immaculate conception) :  December 8th, with lively religious parades honoring the Virgin Mary.

– Santuranticuy artisan crafts fair :  December 24th, a major crafts fair held in central Cusco, at the plaza de armas, offering the perfect place to pick up last-minute christmas gifts..

– Virgen candelaria : Colorful traditional celebration at Puno – Titi caca.

“Cusco – Sacred Valley Traditional Festival and Events”

 January 6: day of the three magical kings (tres reyes magos) Ollantaytambo. Re-election of presidents in the native villages from the mountains. 

– February: 15-18 festival of fruits (Yana huara town); and carnivals festival all february in the sacred valley of the incas. 

 March: good friday nice catholic celebration in the sacred valley. (Semana Santa). 

– June: Señor de Torechayoy (Urubamba) a nice catholic celebration. 

– Junio 20-24: Queswachaca (reconstruction of hanging inca bridge). 

– June 27-28: Ollantay Raymi traditional celebration to sun god –sacred valley. 

-August: first day, offerings for the mother earth one inca celebration. 

– August : Moray Raymi (sacred valley of the incas. 

– August: Warachicuy other inca celebration at Cusco.

– August: Virgin Asunta Qoya catholic celebration. 

– September 14: Señor or lord de Huanca catholic celebration (Pisac – San Salvador). 

– Ocubre : Yacu raymi :water festival Calca sacred valley of the incas 

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